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Day 8: Feel The Adrenaline

When thinking about your wildest adventure, what triggers adrenaline?

Listen to the audio, then do the journaling activity below.

PHOTO: This is what it looks like to feel perfectly calm while plotting a wild adventure.

Every person who has been through this program arrives at a day where their motivation dives. It happens on different days for different people.

Sometimes, the drop in motivation is not easily explained. For instance, maybe you feel like you should be enthusiastic about it, but you’re not.

In those moments, it’s likely that you’re confronting an unconscious fear.

On Day 6, you learned the role fear plays in keeping you trapped in the cycle of self-doubt. 

Fear can be a slippery foe and very difficult to spot unless you’re looking at it the right way.

It’s fear that is stopping you from already living your big ideas.  Not the risk involved. Not the work involved.  It is fear alone that is pushing your ambition into the land of “too”.  

Over the next few days, we are heading down a trail that will change your relationship with fear. It will take practice. It will take time. But each progressive step you take can be life-changing. 

Your journaling today…

When thinking about your wildest adventure, what triggers adrenaline?

Remember, the feeling of adrenaline being released can be subtle, like the hairs prickling on the back of my hand, or it can be like a bomb going off inside you.  Explore all the variations that exist. Describe what it is that is triggering the feeling in as much detail as possible.

Write using a “stream of consciousness” style.

If thoughts come up like, “nothing scares me, I just don’t have the opportunity right now…” – probe deeper. Those sorts of comments tell me that the fear is eluding you right now.  It’s hidden. What’s stopping you from having the opportunity? Fear the family won’t get fed? Fear that your career options will narrow? Fear that you’ll miss an episode of Survivor?…you get the gist.

Is your stomach churning at the thought of writing some of this stuff? Maybe write about that, too.  That’s the fear of fear. 

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