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Monday Brunch is Inside A Bold Mind’s weekly newsletter.
Every edition features honest and inspiring reflections on the reality of conquering fear, achieving goals and discovering what makes you tick.

Conquering Fear

As you strive towards your goals, fear and self-doubt often lurk in the shadows, waiting to sabotage your progress. In Monday Brunch, I open up about my own skirmishes with fear and provide practical methods for silencing those pesky insecurities.

Achieving Goals

Achieving any goal is 90% perspiration but if you read Monday Brunch you won't have to sweat the process quite so much. I've accomplished many things that others deem impossible and now I share my secrets and tips so you can do the same.


Discovering what makes you tick is a lifelong journey. During Monday Brunch we'll explore the complexities of emotions, building self-confidence, and the neuroscience behind our unique identities. I'll also share powerful journaling activities so you can deep dive into your bold mind. 

Discover talents you never imagined you had in this 4-part virtual workshop.

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Journaling For Adults

Day 1: Fighting Through Fear

Day 1: Fighting Through Fear

[Audio + Journaling Prompt]Before we can launch into our adventure, we need to make some preparations. Your first preparation activity is to define the gap that you currently feel.

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Day 2: Dumping Excess Baggage

Day 2: Dumping Excess Baggage

[Audio + Journaling Prompt]We have a wardrobe full of old beliefs and artefacts from past experiences. We pull them out whenever we get scared about the unknown journey ahead.

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31% of your team regularly fear failure.
In women, that rises to 46%.

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