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A weekly newsletter dedicated to discovering the full story of you.

The person you know today is only part of your story. Week by week, we spot clues, peel back limitations, navigate emotions and build new habits to reveal your next bold chapter.

Do you remember those daydreams you had as a kid?

You know, the ones where you imagined being a leader, an artist, a nurse, an environmental activist or a world champion athlete.

Those daydreams were your subconscious mind revealing your potential like a movie on a cinema screen in your mind.

The characteristics of the person you dreamed of back then are your strengths today: your capacity to care, to lead, to fix problems, and your passion for creating, innovating, and inspiring.


How much of that talent have you used so far?

Most people live only a fraction of their potential because habits, fears, and limiting beliefs get in the way.

Your potential is waiting for you to discover it deep inside your bold mind. Week by week, I’m going to show you how to unleash it.

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John Kugel

Inside A Bold Mind presents compelling, thought provoking ideas and stories that inspire personal development and courageous leadership. I love receiving the newsletters and seeing Kirrily share insights from her incredible journey!

Dale Kennedy

Dale Kennedy

Fresh and inspirational is what comes to my mind when listen to you, Kirrily. I always look forward to your regular emails. Thank you.

Why do we call it Monday Brunch?

Each edition is served at 10 a.m. on Mondays, timed perfectly to get you into the right mindset for the week ahead.

Enjoy these recent servings.

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Personal boundaries feel like a fortress around my self-worth, shielding it from corrosive forces that once devoured it.

See Your Fear Threshold. Then Move It!

[4-Min Read + Video + Tips]
This week, I faced a situation that pushed me to cross my fear threshold. It was a powerful reminder of the best way to handle fear.

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Nicole Fagan

Nicole Fagan

Kirrily is the queen of confidence and has used her life experience, savvy business skills and wisdom to package up a beautiful offering of self-discovery and ambitious goal setting. Jump on board, you're in for a wonderful journey!