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Day 6: Why Self-Doubt Keeps Biting

Today, you get to see what’s really going on in your mind that keeps you locked in the cycle of questioning your abilities.

Listen to the audio, then do the journaling activity below.

In today’s audio, you heard about a moment when I freaked out at the lectern with 900 sets of eyes locked onto me. Terror ripped through my body as my mind searched for the words it had practised ad idem. The words were lost, and the only positive thought I could muster was thank goodness I hadn’t eaten breakfast that morning.

Twenty years into my career, self-doubt was still working hard to destroy my highest achievements. That day at the lectern, I drew the battle line and committed to finally wiping out self-doubt.

(BTW, you can read the full story of my lectern moment in “Who Dares Wins (If You Do It Right)”)

Today’s Journaling Activity…

Your challenge for today is to watch the video / PowerPoint presentation. I promise you the message will be liberating if you choose to listen. Once you have listened, write in your journal whatever comes to mind.  You’re totally free-styling today!  

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