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Day 29: Precious Moments In Time

Pick a precious moment in time that will happen when you live your mission and write about it today.

Listen to the audio, then do the journaling activity below.

PHOTO: Crossing the finish line of the Andes Challenge Race

In today’s recording, I shared four of my precious moments in time with you.  

  • Running to the waiting taxi up in the Huayhuash
  • Days later, finishing the Andes Challenge solo
  • Weeks later, running 32 marathons in 19 days, for Run Against Violence
  • Months later, knocking three hours off my personal best time at the Coast 2 Kosci ultra marathon.

In the months and years of work leading into those events, I dreamed of what it would feel like to live those precious moments. I didn’t know exactly how they would happen, but I knew how it would feel. Those feelings kept me motivated and engaged throughout the long process of taking all those micro-steps that made it possible.

Your Journaling Prompt for today…

Pick a precious moment in time that will happen when you live your mission. Perhaps you’ll find yourself:

  • Sharing space with a special group of people
  • crossing a finish line
  • holding your creation such as a book or painting
  • Taking in a view

Using stream-of-consciousness style, write a detailed description of that moment. Include whatever facets come to mind about the scene in your mind. Pay particular attention to what you are feeling at that moment and find the words to describe those feelings in detail. What aspects of that moment will create joy for you?

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