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Day 26: Normalise The Extraordinary

I’m not talking about dulling down your adventurous life. I mean, make your ideal version of life your new normal.

Listen to the audio, then do the journaling activity below.

PHOTO: I phoned a friend of a friend and went horse riding in a village outside Bogota, Columbia. That’s my version of normalising the extraordinary.

Let’s be clear, here. I’m not talking about dulling down your adventurous life.

I mean make your version of adventure, exploration, learning and creativity your new normal.

How do you do this?

Get involved with people who live your dreams as part of their everyday. Become familiar with what their everyday life is like. Immerse in their everyday conversations. Be open and curious about everything. Ask questions. Explore, explore and explore more.

You will start to see how the pieces fit together and uncover new pathways. New learning will be absorbed almost without noticing. Listen to the wisdom of these people. People who have done it.

You don’t know people like that? Then ask me!

Today’s Journaling Prompt

Write out 5 (or more!) questions you can ask someone to start exploring your wild idea. Who might have the answers to those questions or at least have breadcrumbs of experience that will help uncover an answer?

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