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Day 25: Phase Out Old Habits

Today, you’ll reflect on your progress toward leaving behind some old habits that no longer serve you.

Listen to the audio, then do the journaling activity below.

PHOTO: Armoured police vehicle in Ecuador. It’s enough to encourage anyone to leave behind bad habits.

Today’s Journaling Prompt

Go back to your “leave-behind behaviours” on Day 2.

Reflect on your relationship with those behaviours now. Write your responses to the following questions in your journal.

Are there any of those behaviours that you have already left behind? Perhaps you just can’t be bothered with them anymore or they feel like a distant memory of something you did in the past.

  • Are there any that you have a giggle at thinking why did I think/act that way?
  • Which do you understand better? Perhaps you can see what’s driving them in sharper detail.
  • Are there any behaviours you want to add to this list? Ones you are now aware are no longer useful to you.

Create a shortlist of the 3 leave-behind behaviours that still feel strongly present for you.

Which of these three is the biggest pain in the butt to carry as you continue on the journey of your crazy, wild adventure?

Identify one part of your daily routine that you can adjust so that over time you replace that behaviour with one that is more useful to you.

If you’re not sure what the new behaviour might be then ask people that are already achieving the things you want.

Write down your planned change and stick it somewhere that you’ll see it every day.

e.g. Instead of watching MAFS, I will jump online and interact with people who have achieved what I plan to do.

e.g. Instead of getting the bus all the way to work, I’ll get off one stop earlier and walk.

You know how this works. You’ve been making adjustments to your routine your entire life.

REWARD PROGRESS – Give yourself a massive tick, high-five, gold star every time you do the correct behaviour. Once that behaviour becomes a normal part of your routine, you can then pick another shift to make.

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