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Day 23: Your Personal Mission

The true purpose of an adventure is not the outcome that you envisage. There is a greater purpose and something inside you that needs to emerge.

Listen to the audio, then do the journaling activity below.

PHOTO: Riding into town after Day 6 of 13 in the backcountry to celebrate my 50th birthday.

Every good book has a twist in the final stage of the story.

The author carefully leads you through the plot, dropping the breadcrumbs of details at just the right time to have you predicting the finish and then BAM! They pull back the curtain to reveal a hidden motive.

The story of your journey to being unstoppable is about to become a bestseller.

Are you ready?

That vision you have created of your wild idea is a breadcrumb that your unconscious mind is laying in front of you in the hope that you will follow its path.

The true purpose of a true adventure is not the outcome that you envisage. It’s not to write that book, go on that adventure holiday or set up that business. There is a greater purpose.

Your unconscious mind is sending you that image because there is something inside you that needs to emerge.

Today’s Journaling Prompt

We are going to write a Personal Mission statement to capture that emergence.

Have a crack at doing one today, then play with it further during the coming weeks.

First, ask yourself the question: “How will I grow as a result of pursuing my crazy, wildest adventure?”

Then, ask yourself the question: “Why is that important for me to do?” to evolve the idea.

It needs to be something observable so that you know it is happening.

As with all activities, play with this one. There’s no right and wrong, and it can be a bit tricky to identify until you become practised at it.

Use the themes that you created on Day 20 as inspiration.

Brainstorm a list of ideas.

Your Personal Mission statement will be roughly 10 words (or less).

For this activity, start your statement with the word “To grow as…”

Your gut instinct will tell you when you are on the right track. You’ll get a feeling of certainty in your body.

Here is a working example…

My wild idea (i.e. vision):

To write an internationally bestselling crime fiction novel

How will I grow as a result of pursuing it?

I’ll learn how to be a powerful storyteller

Why is that important for me to do?

I want to bring excitement into the lives of people who feel isolated or have limited freedom

Why is that important for me to do?

We’ve lost our sense of community and togetherness. I love creating togetherness!

My Personal Mission Statement…

To grow as an international writer who gels people together in genuine communities.

Now that feels GOOD!

As you continue along the path of your wonderfully wild idea, let the vision evolve so that you can give full expression to your personal mission.

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