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Day 13: What Already Exists

Fear causes us to focus on everything that we don’t know and don’t have. Today, we are going to change that.

Listen to the audio, then do the journaling activity below.

PHOTO: Navigating my way through a difficult moment on Cuyoc Pass, 5000m above sea level in the Peruvian Andes

During the next three days of Route to Unstoppable, you will learn three life-changing questions. These questions are the key to breaking the bond between risk and fear.

The three questions are simple and are easily overlooked when we’re flat-out too busy worrying about pending failure.

On Day 6, we learned that when fear inflates the presence of risk, the security guard in your mind hits the abort button and sends you off into your derailing behaviours.

We have learned that by separating the risk from the fear and managing the risk, we can get the security guard to relax, and we get to keep moving forward with our plans.

The presence of fear also has other consequences.

Fear causes us to focus on everything that we don’t know and don’t have. It tells us there is a gap between who we are and who we need to be to achieve our wildest adventure.  

We started to shine a light on that gap on Day 1. 

Fear causes us to focus on our weaknesses.  Remember writing about your “leave-behinds” on Day 2? It is likely those behaviours were top-of-mind for you, and you have invested time stewing about them, maybe even obsessing about them.  

Did you struggle to write your assets on Day 3? Fear had shoved your assets aside like they didn’t matter. Relegating them to background noise forever.

Well, that’s until you decided to show up here. 

In today’s journaling prompt…

We deliberately switch focus away from the gap and onto what we already know and have.  

We often forget all we have learned over the years. By remembering it, we wake up to our own competence. I call it “resourcing up”, and I do it before I attempt anything new. I ask myself, “What already exists?”

You started resourcing up when you wrote your assets on Day 3.  Now, we are going to keep building long lists.  See if you can get to 50 points for this next activity…then challenge yourself to get 100 points. Keep doing this activity during the days to come. Post a big high five / celebration gif in the Facebook group every time you reach another half-century milestone.

Impossible, you say?

Give this a crack:

What is everything you already know about your wild idea?

For example;

  • List all of the facts you know about the situation
  • List the names of people who have done something similar, famous or otherwise
  • List information resources
  • Have you done parts of that idea before? List those, too.
  • What skills and resources do you already have?
  • Who do you know that can help you? Each of those is another bullet point on your list.

It might take a bit of effort to get going, then at some stage, the mental floodgates will open, and the points will start flowing.

Hint: Be specific, and you might turn one point into three.

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