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6-Hour Personal Leadership Plan

Review your vision and priorities as a leader and confidently lead your team into a new era of achievement.

Feeling leadership fatigue?

If the past few years have exhausted your energy for leadership, you’re not alone.  This program will refresh & rejuvenate your passion for leading.

Lacking a clear vision for the next 1-2 years?

Together we will write Your Leadership Mandate – a detailed statement of where you will lead the team and what they can expect on the journey ahead.

Questioning your ability to perform?

Self-doubt is especially tough for those in leadership positions. We will uncover the sources of your self-doubt and address them.

Hi, I’m Kirrily Dear.

I mentor motivated women with a passion for leadership who want to break through the barriers of fear and self-doubt and take their personal and professional lives to the next level.

As a businesswoman, a leader and a boundary-pusher myself, I have lived through the transition that you want to go through.

After 20 years of running my own business strategy and management consultancy and growing more than 400 businesses, I understand the challenges and dynamics of more than 80 different business sectors.

I have continued to fuel my growth through roles as a non-executive director, working in directorial roles with Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH) and the Australian Institute of Management (NSW/ACT). I also co-founded Run Against Violence, a member-based organisation engaging communities in family violence prevention.

Now I mentor other women through their own growth process, with a direct, practical and positive style that achieves rapid breakthroughs.

You can read more about me at

Do you wish you had…

  • A clear vision and goals for your team?
  • The motivation to pursue those goals without holding back?
  • Better methods for balancing the workloads of managing and leading?
  • Strategies for re-sparking your team’s motivation when it dips?
  • Confidence that your leadership style will deliver results?


Melissa Caslick

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Kirrily Dear. Learning so much about myself, my fears, finding joy and mapping my way to achieve my goals but most of all learning about mindfulness and taking a moment to really think about the why, your mission statement, your best version of you.
Congratulations Kirrily have loved working with you!


Casey Edlington

Damn, Kirrily Dear you have a way of just getting to the guts of the problems. Kirrily Dear is a gift to us all by creating this wonderful program. It’s a step by step way to defuse the mental bombs and develop some mental toughness.
Highly recommend.


Kylie Rose

I have an explorer’s soul, and at times in my life have had the confidence and courage to simply step into my heartlands. But for the past couple of years, I’ve seen nothing but blank parchment; and have floundered, beyond lost. Kirrily has helped me rediscover the adventure waiting within me.

How the program works

12-Hour Leadership Program

This is a highly personalised and private program delivered one-on-one via Zoom.   We meet for one hour per week for 12 weeks, plus I’ll be available to you as a sounding board between sessions to bounce ideas, give feedback and plan actions in real time.

Week 1

The Journey Ahead

We set clear intentions for our work together, distil the challenges of your leadership, and aspirations.

Week 2

Clearing The Way

We look at immediate pain points that are pulling you away from focusing on your performance as a leader and develop an action plan for addressing those issues.

Week 3-4

Your Leadership Eutopia

We explore the type of person you aspire to be as a leader and experiences that will create joy for you in the role.

Week 5-6

Company/Project Eutopia

The vision for the ideal outcomes for the company or project you are working on, why that would be motivating for stakeholders to achieve, research and seek input for stakeholders

Week 7

Your Leadership Mandate

Outcomes from week 3-6 are distilled into a clear statement of what you will achieve as a leader and why that is important.

Week 8-12

Dialling in New Habits

We pinpoint leadership behaviours you will need to adopt and leave behind to achieve your leadership mandate and put into action.

What’s Your Next Action?

Applications for the 12-Hour Leadership Mentoring Program are currently closed. Send me your details using the form below, and I will notify you when the next round opens.

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