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Life will test your self-belief again soon.
Be ready.

“I might be wrong, but I just think that…”

I don’t need to tell you what it feels like when your confidence dial is stuck on so-so.

The boss asks for your recommendation, and you respond, “I might be wrong, but…” Doh! You know not to hedge your opinions, but the words compulsively slip out.

You could write a 5000-word essay on Imposter Syndrome, although that won’t change the fact that you said no when the door of opportunity opened.

You know self-doubt is a brain-wiper and still running your show.

Self-doubt leaves a debt that gets paid with your regrets.

~ Kirrily Dear


Self-belief is an action, not a thought.

You can’t simply think, “I believe in me”, and expect things to change.

Self-belief is a chain of choices and actions that opens the way to achieving your goals and living your potential.

You codify your self-belief by choosing how you make decisions, take risks and dig deep when the situation demands.

You train self-belief into your habits by practising techniques that become reflexive responses when the door of opportunity opens.


Self-Belief Coaching Posters

Bridge the gap between what you’ve learned about self-belief and the reality of living it.

Self-Belief Coaching Poster - Stop Second Guessing Your Decisions

How to grow your confidence using Self-Belief Coaching Posters.

Learn Confidence-Building Techniques

Each Self-Belief Coaching Poster targets a critical moment of truth in your working day and steps you through a carefully crafted technique designed to maximise your intrinsic motivation and intelligence.

A Handy Reminder to Practice

Put your Self-Belief Coaching Poster in your work environment, at your desk, workstation, kitchen, or noticeboard, so it can prompt you to shift your thinking from questioning to confidence.

Access Coaching Videos via QR Code

Coaching videos accompany each Self-Belief Coaching Poster. Scan the QR Code, and these videos take you on an in-depth exploration of the technique shown so you can understand how it works and how to apply it confidently to your everyday actions.

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Which self-belief habit will you practice first?

Hi, I’m Kirrily Dear.

I’m an adventurer, extreme ultramarathoner, and charity founder, and I’ve been a business strategist for more than three decades. Now I dedicate my heart and mind to working out ways to help others learn the self-belief I gained through a lifetime of pushing personal boundaries.

I created Self-Belief Coaching Posters after women repeatedly told me that they find it challenging to bridge the gap between what they’ve learned about self-belief and living it. They pick up tips and ideas from training or reading books, but when self-doubt bites, they struggle to recall how to change their response.