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Self-help books are brilliant for inspiring new thoughts, but no book will ever take you on the journey to living boldly. It can’t.

Living courage

Visualise you’re on the left bank of the river, sitting atop a stack of 18.6 million books. That’s the number of self-help books purchased in the USA in 2019.

Over on the right bank is the future version of you living a bold life.

You’re standing on solid ground, and your bold mind feels fulfilled, happy, respected and valued.

The bridge from the left bank to the right one can only be built using a very specific learning process. It goes like this:

Step 1: Start with an idea for a new behaviour

Step 2: Put that idea into action

Step 3: Reflect on the outcome

Step 4: Generate an improved idea

You’ll refine and repeat the process until you reach the ideal behaviour.

That self-help book you recently read gave you an idea for a starting point. To build your bridge to 100% confidence, you now must do Step 2 and start implementing that idea.

Yet, only 1% of self-help readers will do something with what they have learned. An even smaller number of people will then move to Step 3.


Because in the beginning, building a new habit feels impossibly hard and scary.

When you make a weekly habit of using the resources on this website, something magical occurs inside your mind. It no longer feels strange and scary to take the leap of faith, reflect on your progress and try again.

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