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Answer Your Calling

Discover a fulfilling direction for the next phase of your career, in 4 hours.

1:1 Workshop Series | Online | $480AUD

You feel something is missing in your current career, but can’t quite explain it.

Has the question of ‘what next’ been on your mind?

Deep inside you feel like there’s something else out there for you—or at least within your current role—but aren’t sure what that is.

Is a secret ambition lingering in your mind?

Perhaps you have a business idea, a book to write or an adventure that’s been whispering from your soul but the fear of failure is holding you back.

Is your motivation frequently dipping?

Dragging yourself out the front door. Doom-scrolling. Avoiding a task because you just can’t find the energy to do it. You know that’s not like you, and life’s too short to be flying your flag at half mast!

To feel genuinely fulfilled you must first Answer Your Calling.

We’ll spend four, 1-hour sessions together.

Session 1: Spot The Clues


  • We explore the different types of motivation and how each affects your daily life.
  • You’ll learn the impact your true calling has on your mood, health, relationships and career performance.
  • We’ll embark on a fun activity to uncover the clues that show you the direction of your true calling.

Session 2: Map Your Calling


  • We analyse the clues you have spotted to identify your Calling.
  • Translate your Calling into golden habits that bring joy and fulfilment into your life.
  • Capture the insights into a chart so you never lose sight of your Calling.

Session 3: Create Your Vision


  • You imagine your ultimate moment when you are answering your Calling.
  • We write a detailed vision like a scene in a movie: where are you, who’s with you, and what are you doing that makes your heart race with pride?
  • You learn how to use that detailed vision as a guidepost for future decisions.
  • We identify risks and barriers to achieving that vision and how they can be addressed.


Session 4: Begin Today


  • In our final session, we flip open your 100-Day Playbook and embark on your journey to Answer Your Calling.
  • No difficult goals or crazy workload. Instead, we will brainstorm simple actions to bring more fulfilment to your work life while also progressing toward your new career vision.


You choose when you do each session.

When you click the “book now” button below, you will be prompted to select times and dates for each session. You can choose to do a session each week, fortnight or month.

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Feedback from Past Particpants

I’ll be your guide as you Answer Your Calling.

Hi, I’m Kirrily Dear. You’re about to experience a process that I created and used during a period of turmoil in my life. Although I had achieved many extraordinary things, I felt adrift as I searched for “what next.” I didn’t have the patience or time for long-term career coaching. I also wanted to harness the power of intrinsic motivation but couldn’t find any services that would do that efficiently. So, I created one. Answer Your Calling is the culmination of a lifelong passion for learning, three decades of exploring human motivation and pressure-testing it all in extreme adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who participates in Answer Your Calling?

This programis enjoyed by seasoned professionals, usually aged 35 to 65, contemplating their next career move. Most participants are midway-to-late in their careers, and are exploring fresh opportunities. Many are transitioning from full-time employment to a more flexible lifestyle. If you enjoy seeking more from life, you’re in the right spot.

What happens if I miss a session?

Missed a session? No sweat.  We kindly request 48-hours notice to reschedule your session to a more convenient time.

What if I can't attend?

If you find yourself unable to attend the course simply give us a 48-hour heads-up. 

However, just a friendly reminder, if we don’t hear from you and you don’t show up, these options won’t be on the table. We’re aiming for a win-win, so keeping the lines of communication open is key!

Can I buy Answer Your Calling for my team/friend?

Absolutely, gifting Answer Your Calling to your team or a friend is both generous and impactful. When you purchase the course add their details in the comments section and I’ll contact them on your behalf.